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Hunan TV's "taste" boot oct hotel play legend of guangdong

Date: 2014-09-09

Hunan TV's "taste" since launched in March of this year received high praise, in the second quarter of cantonese series has recently switched on in shenzhen.Oct intercontinental hotel, shenzhen Venice hotel in shenzhen, shenzhen's main root oct hotel, shenzhen seaview hotel shenzhen and blue sunseeker boutique hotel digital base film specialty cuisine chefs were established in photography, they will jointly launched more than ten cantonese cuisine, not only have in shenzhen, shenzhen market led to legendary seaview hotel, groping "gold medal", a knife and cooking methods are very sophisticated in shenzhen oct intercontinental hotel "eel" pouch kung fu, and smooth, sour and sweet juice more meat with shenzhen sunseeker blue classic cantonese cuisine "sweet & sour pork" boutique hotel, to name but a few, all into the model, every dish here represents a profound guangdong food characteristics with lingnan culture.