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Oct hotel held "run" for love charity run

Date: 2014-04-02

Shenzhen special zone newspaper rainy spring, everything is exuberant, love under the spring rain moisturize thrive.Oct hotel on March 29, "run" for love and autism research of shenzhen "2014 caring about autism week launch ceremony" was held in shenzhen bay park.Activities sponsored by the oct hotel, yue run will co-host, China resources treasure, riverbed capital, embracing the subway to work magazine and 1312 high-end event planning to support company, shenzhen oct hotel staff, residents and loving people from all walks of life and more than 2000 people gathered in the beautiful shenzhen bay, with practical action to spread love and hope to the society, let more people pay attention to and understand the autistic children.
"Run for love" charity run altogether contains 6 km, 10 km run free, and set up special for children with experience of 1 km run, running routes extending along the shenzhen bay.Activity in the gulf between chang run, combining exercise with the charity, also let everybody pay more attention to their health, in the best condition to realize the value of self.This activity from launched in 2012 to hold, to this year is the third, the participants from the beginning of more than 300 people, to more than 2000 people, to raise the money also from the beginning of more than 160000 yuan to 160000 yuan, these funds are fully donated to autism research institute in shenzhen, used for autism research and rehabilitation training of children with autism, the donations from oct international hotel management company general manager wang is still at the scene all handed over to the autism research institute in shenzhen city.
Based on the past, the "run" for love in the interactive activities and registration links are optimized: the opening ceremony of the operating performance, make the participants to do sufficient warm-up exercise in joy;The giant took pictures of the area, so that we will love moment eternal frames;Participants also at the scene to appreciate composed of autistic children with the wonderful performance "love group", by the organization of the autism research institute in shenzhen "parent-child interaction" is in the day, people in close contact with the "children of stars", feeling their pure like fairy tale world.In addition, the "oct hotel website, micro sino weibo" in the early stage of the activity of a large number of promotion, the website also opening page, undertake information release and personal registration work, make the material issue, luggage and food supplies and other services to be more perfect.