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Shenzhen design and art union formally established Open the cross-border integration new chapter

Date: 2014-11-15

Shenzhen - China's first "special economic zone", in the process of China's reform and opening up, shenzhen special economic zone has been playing the "experimental field" role, setting a price reform, enterprise property rights transfer, housing system reform, and many other "China first".In today's rapid economic growth, creative industry become a core strength to increase the competitiveness of the city.10 this year, the state council issued the file explicitly mentioned: advancing the cultural creativity and design services and related industrial integration development, is the national cultural soft power and industrial competitiveness of major initiatives, is to develop an innovative economy, promoting economic restructuring and change of the pattern of economic development, speed up the implementation of the "made in China" to "created in China" inner requirement.Guided by the policies of the state council, by the shenzhen association of design Ren Kelei founded "the shenzhen consortium of design and art", a rally on behalf of the industry associations of the creative industry of shenzhen, art institutions, education institutions and the strength of financial institutions, promoting industrial design and art middle, study and research, information exchange and cooperation between, promote the innovation and development of the shenzhen art and design industry, to create unique alliance platform, and the process of development of shenzhen "design it all", opened a new chapter in cross-border fusion!