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Shenzhen hotel transformation to make a living

Date: 2014-07-04

In limited under the background of "three consumption" policy, the national hotel industry collective lower. Beijing appeared this year first initiative "falling stars" five-star hotel. Shenzhen hotel industry situation how? Whether in active "falling stars" way out? Recently, the reporter was investigated.
Beijing five-star hotels take the initiative to "star"
Earlier this year, China tourism association, vice President of Chen Miaolin, said last year, the mainland has more than 50 star hotel "falling stars" for oneself, have active to four-star, five-star hotels and even a few star hotel cancelled the star. This year, Beijing also appeared first initiative "star" five-star hotel.
Once star represents the level of the hotel, hotel star on the positive, but limit the "three consumption" in the country, most government affairs unit will be shut out of the five-star hotel, this led to many hotels "falling stars" cater to the market actively.
Reporter survey found that this kind of phenomenon is very rare in shenzhen. City star of the judges said a head office, in 2013 is affected by the "three consumption" hotel industry the most significant for a year, but last year the city still has four actively apply to be a five-star hotel, no hotel actively apply for "drop", but not this year.
Shenzhen hotel customers in the majority with business travelers
Shenzhen oct co., LTD., hotel property division director Mr. Zhu told reporters, shenzhen hotel marketing degree is higher, oct group, most of the hotel mainly open to business travelers, affected by the policy of "three consumption" is very limited. Huang Jian and shenzhen shenzhen hotel management company general manager for greater China also think Ceng Hui sheraton hotel marketing communications manager, shenzhen enterprise resource is rich, business travelers, so hotel less affected by the policy.
Shenzhen yu, general manager of a famous hotel told reporters, "is the most difficult time last year and the year before last, and now has passed the throes of transition", shenzhen hotel is given priority to with business travelers, some hotel just put the reception, as a sideline, so difficult to affect the global. In addition, shenzhen open economic environment, the enterprise resource is more, it also embodies the shenzhen hotel customer orientation is different from the mainland.
The hotel actively transformation for the general public
Although affected by the policy in shenzhen co., LTD., reporter discovery, in order to make up for the market gap, develop new business, the hotel's strategy is also the same: facing the street.
The reporter understands from several local hotels, wedding banquet, food and beverage is currently hotel actively expand plates. In the first half of this year, shenzhen hotel reception battle. Such as shenzhen Venice hotel, Milky Way ritz-carlton hotel, futian shangri-la hotel are scrambling to introduce "wedding show" products. Hotels around power is also catering business with cheap food, let people take mid-range restaurant prices enjoy star hotel and high quality service.
Shenzhen city tourist association deputy secretary-general Jiang Gong said when accepting a reporter to interview, shenzhen convention and exhibition, this makes the central hotel customers enough, is important for Hong Kong customs clearance in shenzhen port, and tourists, thus shenzhen hotel under the environment influence is still alive. Shenzhen hotel industry are also actively integrating resources, remote hotel will be in the form of a check to send tickets to attract consumers. In addition, the hotel is with online marketing, make wedding brand, encourage holiday, family business and develop new business, this kind of practice is geared to the needs of the general public, enhance the service ability and competitiveness of the hotel.