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Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Club opened

Date: 2013-07-31

Richard Meyer (Richard Meier) and his partner in Shenzhen, China's first project - the new Shenzhen OCT clubs, located in the central coast OCT joy on an island. It offers its guests and members of the restaurant, VIP suites, versatile games room, entertainment and sports facilities as well as a small art gallery.

The geometry of clubs to follow a precise focus, across the water from a text entertainment center to see the past, seen from a different "layers" of space radiation, beyond a large radius curves. The southern tip of the island, is connected through the outdoor trails and garden club indoor pool and a fitness center.

Fitness center next to the simple geometric lines in size and form to the club in stark contrast, for the club's dynamic styling offers balance, and active in the two structures between the outer contour of the opposition feeling.

The path winds through the garden club triggered a strong Chinese landscape painting concept. Variety of landscapes, textures, flowers and decorations for the beautiful views of the surrounding water and the harbor outside entertainment center provides a unique viewing platform.

The company works with a metal panel lighting and to master the use of natural light into the design of the entire building. Changes in natural light around the clock to make the club interior is full of life and vitality, showing a different club in Shenzhen OCT space and its wavy appearance. Theatrical plane and natural lighting will not only shape the space, and can identify the passage of time, and showed the sky style.